Age: 16
Hometown: Scottsdale

I am a sophomore at Chaparral High School and I plan to major in Journalism at Columbia University in New York . I am a member of the Chaparral Firebirds Robotics team 2012 and I serve on my school newspaper, Ashes, In Ashes each month the staff; which consists of me; is required to write for the online magazine AZ Lifestyle. My most recent article is titled Cupcake Love-In. I also co write with my Brother, Matthew Grunwald; my chef brother, on the “flavor” column for Arizona’s North Valley Magazine. Next issue will hit the stands December of 2011. I have also submitted my resume to join the staff and write for AzTeen Magazine.

My ambitions are to complete high school having achieved honor role and to serve and win the Miss Arizona Teen Pageant 2012. Upon completion I will attend Columbia University of Journalism and would love to eventually move to Greece to study abroad and more in depth at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My overall goal is to become an accomplished fashion or food columnist editor and have a platform in television.

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