We’re thrilled to announce that beginning this year, our Miss Arizona Teen USA contestants will be able to apply to win cash scholarships for their higher education. More on that later, but for now… you can join us in raising money for that scholarship fund while winning money yourself!

We have 100 squares available for play (the white squares)- each costs $25 and you can purchase as many as you want. We’ll fill them in at random and post updates over time via our social media channels to show how the grid is going.

Once the grid is filled, we’ll use a number randomizer to place numbers 0-9 into the blue squares (not repeated), and the same for the green spaces. That tells you what your square’s numbers are. Each square will have unique numbers assigned to it, such as “Kansas City 8, Tampa Bay 0”. If at the end of any quarter, the score ends in those numbers (example: Kansas City 28, Tampa Bay 0), that square wins the cash prize.

There is no limit to how many prizes you can win. Entries are not tax-deductible. Join us in the fun of Super Bowl Squares and help make scholarships to the young women of Arizona! Venmo your entry with your name to @missazusapageant.

First quarter winner: $150

Half time winner: $250

Third quarter winner: $200

Final score winner: $300

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